Jeremy is a writer and producer, as well as actor and voice actor. His plays include "An Outstanding Vintage" (Barrow Group Theater), "21 Days" (Manthattan Theater) and "Showmance" (Matthew Corozine Theater). His screenplays incude the much buzzed about "Passing Go", and "Smoked ". He has appeared on stage in "An Outstanding Vintage" (Barrow Group), "Infancy" (Michael Howard Studios) and "Showmance". And in films like "Missed Connection" (dir. Eric Tao) and "Blackout" (dir. Josh Pearson). His voice can be heard in video games, cartoons, and on national commercials for tons of major brands. Including Snickers, Reebok, Trojan, Amtrak, Xfinity, Kraft, Bose, General Mills, and Hasbro.