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About Jeremy

A full time voice actor for over 14 years, Jeremy voices the titular character in "Bumblebee: Transformers Cyberverse Adventures" (Cartoon Network) and "Rescue Bots Academy" (Discovery Kids), as well as Rack 'n' Ruin, Jetfire, Perceptor, Whirl, and Lord Gnaw. He can also be heard as Charlie Charma and Professor Mohn in "Pokèmon", the evil wizard Badalf in "Nella Princess Knight" (Nickelodeon), and Kiko in  "Underdogs United" (MAX). As well as in video games like "Transformers: Battlegrounds", "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty" and "Killzone 3".

His commercial work includes national spots for Subway, Chipotle, Reebok, AT&T, Xfinity, Hasbro, General Mills, Bose, Van Heusen, Snickers, Trojan and many, many more.

He is the current promo voice for NBC News Now, and is the radio imaging voice for "Carrie's Country", Carrie Underwood's Sirius XM channel.

He  has also narrated shows Like MLS Insider (ESPN) and provided the in show voice for Celebrity Show Off (TBS)

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