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Hey, guess what? You're a celebrity.

How many times have you caught a commercial or animated movie in progress, and immediately were like, “Oh, it’s (insert celeb here).” A celebrity is distinct, confident, charismatic, authentic. We connect to them because they connect to us. Does Ryan Reynolds walk into the booth and endeavour to sound like every other voice-over he’s ever heard ever? Does Matthew McConaughey? Kaley Cuoco? No matter what space they occupy, they do it honestly, fully, and in a way that is unabashedly them.


Be it commercials, animation, narration, promo - Voice-overs today demand this ethos.  “Real”, “raw”, “surprising” are terms I see permeating every breakdown that comes my way. Together, we’ll find your X-factor - the thing that makes you YOU, and you alone. I’ll teach you to stop squeezing yourself into a box, to color outside the lines, and to walk into every recording sporting what I have lovingly termed B.V.E: Big Voice Energy. You’re a celebrity… even if you don’t know it yet.


Although some technical and business aspects will be touched upon, this is first and foremost a technique class.


Week 1: I’ll take you through a curated collection of all that I’ve learned over the years. What I call “The Jeremy Doctrine”. Tips, tricks, musings, anecdotes and lessons. We’ll discuss mic technique and booth etiquette. Then, I’ll open up it to you for some good old-fashioned Q&A.


Week 2:  Commercials. We’ll break down copy, discuss different types of spots and the best approach to each. Everyone will have the opportunity to read on at least 2 spots.


Week 3: Animation. We’ll discuss creating characters, vocal techniques, and immersing yourself in a vast imaginary world while standing in a tiny box. We’ll pick from some sides and give you a chance to show your stuff.


Week 4: Industry friends. Agents? Casting Directors? I’m sure someone somewhere owes me a favor. We’ll pick their brain about life in the trenches. You’ll have the opportunity to read and get some professional feedback.





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